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KirklandGold.com’s holdings are in the Kirkland Lake gold camp, a region that has extracted 24 million oz of gold over the past century! Our claims are to the west of a major fault line, the Amikougami Creek fault, and we have been working for decades to solve the fault’s mystery:
Where did such a major gold deposit go, when the western part of the camp shifted to the south during the Precambrian?

While the core of this claim group has been continuously controlled since the 1980s, the property has experienced major changes recently, including new partnerships, expanded claim acquisitions, an extensive stripping program, an exploratory drill program, strong gold assay results, and the completion of a 58 km drone-based, airborne magnetometer survey.

The discoveries made over the past year, including gold-bearing albite zones, assay results exceeding 14 g per tonne, major veins of significant styles of alteration, plus unprecedented geophysical detail, demand a closer look.

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Reed Showing

  • Gold-Bearing Albite Outcrop
  • Three Independent Assays
  • 14g/T to 18 g/T
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  • Intense albite alteration
  • Drilling towards Reed showing
  • Gold concentrations increasing with depth
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Reed Trench

  • 0.30m wide quartz vein
  • Favourable alteration & mineralization
  • Vein in strong break (fault)
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G Vein

  • New discovery, 2021
  • One meter wide (including silicification)
  • Hosted in wide zone of alteration
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S Vein

  • 0.30 m vein, ~40 m long
  • Pyrite and albite mineralization
  • Extended in 2021
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2M Vein

  • Newest discovery, May 2021
  • No evidence of previous exploration
  • Very wide, no end found in sight
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Kirklandgold.com is an independent prospector partnership looking for financial partners.

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