Detailed Mapping


In the 90s, our lead geological engineer, Douglas Robinson, controlled over 100 claim units in this area, representing 15 km parallel to the Larder Lake-Cadillac Break system that contains the gold of Kirkland Lake. After mapping over 3000 acres and running over 200 km of ground-based geophysics, the best claims were retained - they form the core of the current partnership group.

There are number of reasons why these claims are the best, including geophysical analysis, coring and assay results, but here we want to focus on the geology that has been revealed by on-the-ground stripping, mapping and alteration/mineralization identification.

Much of this recent work has been concentrated in the north and east of the property as it is where our strongest discoveries have been made, and it is close to where other major players are actively exploring as well.

Reed Showing

  • Gold-Bearing Albite Outcrop
  • Three Independent Assays
  • 14g/T to 18 g/T
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  • Intense albite alteration
  • Drilling towards Reed showing
  • Gold concentrations increasing with depth
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Reed Trench

  • 0.30m wide quartz vein
  • Favourable alteration & mineralization
  • Vein in strong break (fault)
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G Vein

  • New discovery, 2021
  • One meter wide (including silicification)
  • Hosted in wide zone of alteration
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S Vein

  • 0.30 m vein, ~40 m long
  • Pyrite and albite mineralization
  • Extended in 2021
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2M Vein

  • Newest discovery, May 2021
  • No evidence of previous exploration
  • Very wide, no end found in sight
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