Detailed Mapping - G Vein

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Stripping at this location has revealed a stunning outcrop over a meter wide with three separate, yet essential features. The first is a white quartz vein about 1/3 of the outcrop width. The second feature is a mixed alteration, displaying variable weathering, again representing 1/3 of the showing. Finally, the last third of the outcrop shows massive silicification.

This quartz vein is typical of gold veins hosted in the Larder Lake-Kirkland Lake main break system.

This photo displays variable alteration which is expected in gold ores.

Here you can see the right-hand side of the outcrop, showing massive silicification that accompanies some gold ores.

The G-Vein is hosted in a broad Fe-carbonate alteration. Fe-carbonate is a host of much of the Kerr-Addison mine ore at Larder Lake and other local gold mines.



G Vein


  • New discovery, 2021
  • One meter wide (including silicification)
  • Hosted in wide zone of alteration


Eby / Otto Township


Ontario, Canada

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