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The gold content of the Reed showing is dominated by high-grade gold (up to 18 g/tonne) hosted a distinctive albite replacement that also hosts greater than 5% pyrite. Measuring tubes that are two meters long were used to facilitate mapping.

This zone was cut sampled three times grading:

14.03 gAu/Tonne over 0.40 m (Douglas Robinson, P. Eng.)

8.02 gAu/Tonne over 0.60 m (MNDM geologist)

8.89 g/Tonne over 0.55 m (Independent geologist)

The high-grade gold zone has a patchy pyritic albite alteration halo grading up to 1 gAu/Tonne. A smaller, but similar patchy pyrite-albite alteration occurs several meters to the left. This patchy pyritic alteration is present in some of the veins discovered on this property, and appear to make a halo peripheral to the Reed showing.

This alteration along veins also appears to be a vector to high-grade gold.



Reed Showing


  • Gold-Bearing Albite Outcrop
  • Three Independent Assays
  • 14g/T to 18 g/T


Eby / Otto Township


Ontario, Canada

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