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Map 1 (a & b) Regional Location, Mining Camps, Kirkland Lake Gold Camp
Map 1(a) shows the property location relative to the highway fabric of Northeastern Ontario and relative to the Sudbury, Cobalt, Timmins, Kirkland Lake, Rouyn-Noranda and Cadillac mining camps.

Map 1(b) shows the property location relative to the historic Kirkland Lake Mining Camp and relative to the Amikougami Creek Fault that terminates the west end of the Mining area associated with the Kirkland Lake Break.


Map 2 Eby Otto Township Geology Map 2239 with Legend

Map 2 shows the property overlain on geology Map 2239 “Eby-Otto Area mapped by Howard Lovell and Jas Thomson. The legend for maps 2, 3 and 4 is included in this Map. The Amikougami Creek Fault is shown on this map.  


Map 3 Expanded map of  Property on Map 2239

Map 3 shows the property in relation to the Gateford Mine.


Map 4 Structural/Alteration/Vein Zones

Map 4 shows a red line tracing of the strongest structural/alteration/vein zones.

The dominant (controlling structure) zone is the central east-west trending structure  (Targets C, E, F, O, N, M L, and K) {two major faults were observed in west claims}. Three prominent Riedel cross structures trend east-southeast (Targets C, F, O and N). Two veins with associated gold values were identified in the northwest and northeast parts of the property. These veins are small exposures of strong quartz veins with an associated alteration zone (Targets A, B and I). The alteration was traced across the property in intermittent outcrops.

An inferred north trending structure appears to be located in the south-east quadrant of the property. This structure is marked by prominent lineaments with associated mineralized float train (Targets G and H).


Map 5 Compilation: MaxMin, Geology, Float, Pits by Vendor

Map 5 is the compilation of MaxMin responses and geology. The map also identifies the location of hand dug pits located in a prominent train of mineralized glacial float. The inferred transport direction of the glacial float is reported as vectors. Some pits had two transport directions inferred from separate horizons. Structures are shown as dotted lines and geological contacts as dashed lines.

Geological units 3-7 are phases of the differentiated mafic intrusion. Unit 7 appears to be a (altered) granophyric unit reported in MNDM mapping.


Map 6 Proposed Drill Hole Layouts over Map 5

Map 6 is records the proposed drill program (plotted to scale) as picketed in the field. See the slide show to view the picket configuration relative to the ground grid.