Detailed Mapping - 2M Vein

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The 2m vein is our most recent vein discovery. The quartz is two meters wide at the point of discovery located at the intersection of two major veins.

This vein is approximately perpendicular to the veins of Larder Lake-Kirkland Lake property trend of the other large veins on the property.

This exposure appears to be the convergence of two major veins as shown in the photo above and the photo below. Note the vein’s 70 degree westerly dip.

In the above photo two meter measuring tubes are positioned at two meter intervals along the reference line. The one meter measuring tube is divided into ten cm intervals.



2M Vein


  • Newest discovery - May 2021
  • No evidence of previous exploration
  • Very wide, no end found in sight


Eby / Otto Township


Ontario, Canada

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