Drill Program


While having an abundance of albite-hosting gold is a good problem to have, its tendency to weather recessively means that erosion tends to place it under cedar swamps today. In order to try and connect our two major albite zones, and to get a sense of their overall size, we've initiated a drill program to explore the area between the Reed showing and the SB-01 site.

Our drill team has pulled over a million feet of core during their careers, from South America to the sub-arctic, and have spent decades in the Kirkland Lake gold camp doing surface and underground exploration. They are excited about the drill core they are seeing.

Initial results are promising, with assay results showing an increase in gold content with continued drilling, and an uninterrupted core of albite as we explore beneath the swamp towards the Reed showing and the impressive assay results found there.

Albite Alteration

The weathered, brown Fe-carbonate shows green in a drill section. This represents the top of the SB-01 outcrop.

Below the carbonate layer we find continuous albite-alteration with pyritic mineralization as seen here.

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