Geophysical technology has evolved tremendously over our ownership of these claims. The tool that we initially used was the Scintrex Walkmag that renders total magnetic field readings at two-meter intervals. Douglas Robinson, P. Eng., pioneered the use of this technology in the 90s, improving the subtlety of data collected by an order of magnitude, and allowing it to become a ministry-approved exploration technique, and the industry norm that it is today.

The use of this technique was essential in allowing us to define the magnetic profiles of alteration zones for the first time with a higher degree of accuracy. These alteration zones have the highest prospect of hosting ore deposits, and are therefore high priority for potential drill targets.

Just as the Walkmag revolutionized geophysics a generation ago, improving reading frequency from tens of meters to meters, new airborne surveys can collect data even more accurately again, and this time not requiring line cutting. This will allow us to better define and trace the magnetic signature of alteration that has destroyed the original magnetic signature of the unaltered rocks. The detection of alteration overprinting the original magnetic texture of the host rocks is a valuable tool to find and prioritize gold targets.

We have commissioned over 58 km of airborne magnetic survey, and we are excited to share the results with serious partners who wish to invest in bringing this property to its fullest potential - finding Kirkland Lake's second mile of gold!

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